Property Investment Services

The following are Raj Waterscape’s Investment advisory services offered by Raj Waterscape

Real Estate Service

Raj Waterscape offers a wide range of real estate services to potential clients who are looking to buy or sell property, ranging from vacant plots to farm-houses, offices, bungalows and apartments. The real estate services offered in include:
  • Providing consultation
  • Evaluating property
  • Identifying suitable properties for purchase according to your specific requirements
  • Locating buyers for your existing property
  • Verifying title deeds and encumbrance certificates
  • Handing all legal matters and Government formalities related to purchase and sale of property, Including, liaising and dealing with Urban Land Ceiling Department, Chennai Metropolitan Development
  • Authority, Tahsildar's Office and Registrar's Office. Handing all taxation and other legal formalities

Acquiring Service

Raj Waterscape's expertise in real estate extents to acquisition services related to land or property in and around Chennai. The company provides comprehensive solutions for any specific land acquisition need.

Consultancy service

You can also seek Raj Waterscape to avail of its consultancy service. We provide long-term or short-term property advice to large corporates, depending on their need. What makes our clients come to us for expert advice? To start with, we show a single-minded focus in understanding your business needs and objectives. So it works better for you if you choose to associate yourself with us much before the commencement of a project. It also helps us as we can collect advance information on your plans and use it to maximize your returns through timely planning and execution.